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ZINC High Back Max (Black Chair)

Rs. 18,000.00 Rs. 9,900.00
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The Semi Autonomous Chair

Zinc is a smart chair that understands the body posture and automatically adjust its lumber to it.

  • Overall Height : 48-52 (in)
  • Overall Width : 25 (in)
  • Seat Depth : 20 (in)
  • Castor Size : 60 (mm)
  • Box Dimensions : H-18, L-27, W-26 (in)

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  • Description
  • Description
  • ZINC Series Zinc HB Max
    Zinc HB LX
    Zinc MB LX
    Zinc MB Fly
    Zinc Visitor
    Zinc MB (Grey)
    Seat fabric M-11 M-11 M-11 M-11 M-11 M-06
    Adjustable Headrest
    2D Adjustable arm with PU pad
    1D Chrome adjustable arm with PU pad
    Fixed tonic arm with PU pad
    Fixed tonic arm with PP pad
    Combo mechanism
    Single lock mechanism
    Beta chrome base
    Crystal chrome base
    Nylon base
    25mm dia pipe frame leg
    60mm twin wheel castor
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    We at Exclusiff take pride in providing customer service and will strive to provide the highest amount of support to help you have a happy seating experience. Exclusiff provides thorough and stringent quality checks pre-dispatch and provides a report for the same, which can be found with the product.
    Helping build confidence in the quality of our products and Us.

    Exclusiff Provides you with a 3-to-5-year comprehensive warranty on all components providing functionality to your product, once the warranty has been claimed the renewed warranty would stand for an additional one year on the product.

      How to register for a warranty:
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    2. Add the required details in the form & submit
    3. Voila, your product is now registered for a comprehensive warranty.
      Warranty Terms:
    1. Exclusiff will always respect the warranty terms and abide by the given warranty timelines.
    2. Components covered under comprehensive warranty are as listed:
    1. Armrest
    2. Mechanism
    3. Gaslift
    4. Base
      Warranty Terms:
    1. It is in the sole discretion of Exclusiff to decide on the warranty claim once a detailed report has been provided to Exclusiff and the customer bearing the product.
    2. Exclusiff Products have an easy assembly for successful usability, allowing the customer to either service the chair themselves with the parts provided or will be provided with a step-by-step process where the user would be guided via video call or phone call.
    3. The product warranty stands active from the date of invoice and will not be extended based on the exchange of hands of the product to its end-user.
    4. Any damages caused to the product will not be covered in the warranty if improper, assembly, maintenance, misuse, modifications, or repairs, are found which are not in compliance with Exclusiff Terms.
    5. For any of the components which are not a part of the comprehensive warranty, they will be accessible for purchase at a nominal price.
    6. Warranty cannot be claimed upon the appearance of the product due to daily wear and tear during its natural course of the product, given its ageing, nature, function, composition as well as damage due to usage of the product beyond its intended use.
    7. Scratches, dents, wrinkles, color-fading, weaning/beading of fabric/leather, compression of foam including other changes developed due to normal wear and tear of the products during usage.

    Adjustable Headrest

    Combo Mechanism

    Adjustable Lumber Support

    1D Chrome Adjustable Arm with PU pad

    Crystal Chrome Base

      Download ZINC Series Catalog

    What is a synchro mechanism?

    The synchronized mechanism is a mechanism that allows the back and seat to move in a synchronized way, i.e. 1: 2 ratio.
    In simpler words, a 1 ° inclination of the seat corresponds to a 2 ° inclination of the backrest.

    What material is the back frame made of?

    NYLON! A tough, lightweight, elastic synthetic polymer with a protein-like chemical structure, able to be produced as filaments, sheets, or moulded objects i.e.., Ergonomic Chairs.

    Is the chair BIFMA certified?

    Yes, Exclusiff and its Products adhere to all BIFMA standards.

    What ergonomic support does the chair have?

    All Exclusiff chairs are made as per ergonomic standards, as it has several adjustable features.