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Return, Refund Policy

  1. We at Exclusiff take the highest consideration for this policy to help our customers with a smooth process and easy customer service. Although- A return, A replacement, or a cancellation needs to abide by the terms provided by Exclusiff. It is in the sole discretion of Exclusiff and its customer care executive to help with the above after a detailed report is provided for the same.
  2. Exclusiff aims to refund the debited amount within 7 working days after the product is received back at Exclusiff.
  3. Time in refund may defer according to bank timings and processing time of your bank.
  4. In the case of a Refund not being received please get in touch with us

Via Mail--
Via Telephone-+917977609326


Product Return Terms and Conditions:
Exclusiff will provide you a return request if the product return request is raised within 7 days since the product was received at the given delivery address. The buyer can either get in touch Via Mail at- or Via Telephone at- +917977609326.
  1. In the case of return due to personal reasons away from any defects or manufacturing issues, the buyer would be bound to pay the transport charges for the same not exceeding – Rs 1000/-
  2. No return of products will be accepted post 7 days of product received by the buyer.
  3. No returns are to be accepted due to damage to the product in transit, in the case of transit damage Exclusiff team will provide replacement of a damaged component or complete product after the customer care executive provides a report for the same at no extra cost. This can only comply if the request has been put in within 7 days of the product being received.
Product Replacement Terms and Conditions:
  1. In the case of functionality issues, please refer to warranty claims.
  2. Product replacement for the complete product is at the discretion of Exclusiff by the report provided by its customer care executive.
  3. In the case of a product being damaged due to transport, a free-of-cost replacement will be provided refer to the terms and conditions of "Returns- point 4" for detailed instructions.
  4. Replacement of Components within the warranty timeline will be provided at the discretion of Exclusiff and its customer service executive provides a report.
  5. In the case of mishandling, modifying or wrong fitment warranty cannot be claimed for product replacement or component replacement.
  6. A nominal delivery fee may be charged to you, not exceeding Rs 500/- for transport of component or product, depending on the sales executive report at the discretion of Exclusiff.
Cancellation Terms and Conditions:
  1. Cancellation requests can only be punched in within 48 hours of order placement and if only the order has not been fulfilled or dispatched.
  2. Once the tracking number has been provided to the customer, please follow the above steps provided in the "return policy".
  3. If in the case of the box has been opened and the chair has been fixed order cannot be canceled or returned without a valid reason(please refer to return policy), which is to be accepted at the discretion of Exclusiff.
  4. Once the order is canceled, we aim to refund the debited amount back to your bank within 7 working days and given the processing time of your bank.
  5. You may also directly get in touch with our team to cancel your order via or via Telephone-+917977609326.
  6. Cancellation requests are at the sole discretion of Exclusiff in case the order has already been fulfilled or dispatched a nominal cost for transport would have to be borne by the buyer.