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What is a synchro mechanism?

The synchronized mechanism is a mechanism that allows the back and seat to move in a synchronized way, i.e. 1: 2 ratio. In simpler words, a 1° inclination of the seat corresponds to a 2° inclination of the backrest.

What material is the back frame made of?

NYLON! A tough, lightweight, elastic synthetic polymer with a protein-like chemical structure, able to be produced as filaments, sheets, or moulded objects i.e..., Ergonomic Chairs.

Is the chair BIFMA certified?

Yes, Exclusiff and its Products adhere to all BIFMA standards.

What ergonomic support does the chair have?

All Exclusiff chairs are made as per ergonomic standards, as it has several adjustable features.

How to assemble the chair?

For help with assembly you may download the manual or you can also arrange for a video call, by contacting us.

Is it Class 4 Hydraulic Gas lift?

Yes all Gas lifts used by Exclusiff are class 4.

What is a single locking mechanism?

A mechanism that allows you to lock the back only at one locking position which is a 90-degree angle.

What is a multi lock mechanism?

A mechanism that allows you to lock the back at 3 different positions.

What material is the chair base made of?

There are two variants of bases available, one is Nylon, while the other is chrome.

What are the dimensions of the chair?

The dimensions of the chair can be found beneath the description.

What is the impact load the chair can take?

The impact load bearing capacity adheres to BIFMA standards and is over 300kgs.

What is the fabric on the back?

The fabric provided is a mesh fabric made of Nylon or polyester.

What fabric is the seat?

The seat fabric would be a premium cloth-like material, which is easy to clean.

What is a tension control knob?

A tension control knob is one that you can use to either increase or decrease the tension of the back.

Is the lumbar adjustable?

Some chairs come with an adjustable lumbar while some come with a structured back to support the lumbar.

Is the headrest adjustable?

All high-back chairs come with an adjustable headrest.

What is a 1 dimensional (1D) arm?

One-dimensional arms provide functionality by giving a height adjustment feature only.

What are 2 Dimensional (2D) arms?

Two-dimensional arms provide functionality by giving height adjustment as well as a movable top pad with a front and back movement.

How to adjust the chairs?

There are several ways to adjust a chair, you can either increase or decrease the height of the seat, arms, and headrest or lock the mechanism at your desired seating position.

Is the chair good for sitting at a desk for long hours?

Exclusiff adheres to several standards to make sure that all their chairs help increase efficiency as well as help with long haul sit- downs.

What makes the chair comfortable?

All chairs are moulded to design to help with ergonomics and in turn increase comfort with the high benefits of efficiency.

What are the arms made out of?

The entire frame and components of the chair are made out of nylon.

How to clean the chair?

A normal sponge or the basic cleaning of sofas help with maintenance, but Exclusiff provides easy to clean material on its chairs.

Why should I get an office chair with a headrest?

Its essential to have a headrest at times as it helps better with neck support and is always recommended if you are sitting for a few hours straight.

What ergonomic support does the chair with the headrest have?

All headrests are two way adjustable making it ergonomic.

Shipping, warranty, and return policy?

You can find that in our policy page.

Product specifications?

The product specifications can be found on the product page itself.

What is the seat depth of this chair?

The exact dimensions of the product can be found on the product page itself.